Contract Manufacturing

In addition to our tent manufacturing endeavors, Celina has the ability to utilize our machinery, personnel, and know-how to create new or existing products for your company.

Our manufacturing facility has multiple lines and machines that can be allocated to multiple projects at the same time, including the ability to switch production to “surge capacity” mode to accommodate larger or smaller projects, with a myriad of timelines.

All of Celina’s equipment is operated by skilled employees, with a variety of uses for each tool. In keeping with our ongoing theme of innovation, we are always looking for more varied and unconventional uses for our machines, allowing us to make different and creative products with the same base implements. Any machines and processes in our possession can be used for your contract.

Any products brought to us are created using tried-and-true methods to make your items on a contracted schedule. We offer the ability to attach your company’s manufacturing labels, and products can even be shipped on your letter head packing list. The level of specialization is completely up to you.