Core Competencies


Contract Fabric Welding

Celina works with multiple customers every day providing them with contract fabric welding services. We currently offer three types of welding to our customers including hot air, hot wedge, and RF (radio frequency) welding. Celina has the capabilities to weld virtually any thermoplastic material in the market today. Our state of the art equipment and facility enables Celina to be very competitive while manufacturing our customer’s products.

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Fabric Cutting Services

Celina specializes in contract fabric cutting. Our equipment used for this process includes an automated conveyor cutting system, slitting equipment, die presses, and sheeting equipment. We work closely with various manufacturers on a daily basis to fulfill their cutting needs. Whether it's fiberglass, mesh, PVC, Kevlar, foam, canvas, or nylon, Celina can meet your fabric cutting demands.

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Contract Sewing

At Celina, we provide clients with innovative and creative solutions to their sewing needs. Our clients range from small business owners to much larger companies. Our core competency is load control straps, custom covers, industrial curtains and tarps. We can design and produce any item that respond to the needs of our clients.

Celina offers a wide variety of services to meet the unique needs of every client. From the small custom project to large-scale production for major companies, we can find a solution to meet your needs.

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Wide Format Digital Printing

The benefits of digital printing include faster turnaround times, lowered production costs, and the ability to personalize documents. Digital vinyl banner printing is frequently used for on-demand or short-run color printing. 

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Material Testing

Celina takes great pride in the quality of our work. In effort to set higher standards for ourselves, we have constructed a Quality Assurance Laboratory in our manufacturing facility. We own much of the same testing equipment as our textile manufacturers. Celina can ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality product available through rigorous quality testing. 

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