Contract Sewing

Various sewing machines adorn our shop floor, allowing an unprecedented versatility when it comes to creating any manner of sewn product. The styles of machines vary by the uses to which they are put, and include:

  • Single Needle Machines – used to make simple straight sew lines
  • Double Needle Machines (various widths) – great for attaching strips, securing hem, or simply doubling up on sew lines
  • Long Arm Sewing Machines – this increases the ease with which large items are maneuvered, and lets items far from the edge of fabric to be reached
  • Programmable Box Tackers – with advanced computer controls, nearly any size and shape of box tack is achievable

Machines can be equipped with various guides and accessories for specific purposes, such as the hemming guide for attaching trim or loop and hook guides for centered and straight attachments.

Whether it is a new concept or an existing product, we will accommodate all your contract prototype sewing requirements. Present your idea, a sample or drawing and we will create your product. We will assist you from prototype to finished contract prototype sewing product.