Material Testing

The quality control equipment in Celina’s Quality Assurance Lab lets us ensure that every piece of material that comes into our manufacturing space meets every requirement. A few of our tools include:

The Elmendorf Tear Tester: This tester allows us to ascertain the tear strength, or force required to create a tear, in any material. 

Vertical Flammability Chamber: Celina’s materials, mainly dealing in tents and structures, are flame tested according to NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 test procedures to achieve flame retardant certification.

Compression Tester: Chairs sold by Celina are continually tested to be sure that the quality we intend on selling is not false advertising; every style of chair is tested to its first sign of failure, and from there to the point of complete failure.

Accelerated Weathering: As most products created at Celina are intended for use out of doors, our lab has many machines used to replicate the effects of weathering in a shortened time span. Weathering can include extended intervals of extreme heat, damp, salt, or UV and simulated sunlight.


The Thermal Resistance Assessment Chamber is used to measure the insulating properties of materials, alone or in various combinations.
This testing is vital in making our products more thermally efficient. The chamber itself was constructed to be air-tight, thus allowing for a relatively low margin of outside contamination error. Each surface within the chamber is insulated to twice the housing standard; all six sides are coated with R-26 insulation to reduce any temperature leeching through walls, floor, or ceiling.