Engineering Design

While our main production has centered on tent making and design, our main shop in Celina, Ohio is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and development. Any idea can be made into a good idea, and any good idea can become great. With this in mind, the engineers at Celina utilize some of the most advanced designing software available. With these tools, our engineers are able to take ideas and produce workable models ready for prototyping.

Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Inventor are used in the creation of 2D and 3D modeling, respectively. Drafting software is used to create and design the myriad pieces and fittings associated with our main business creating tents, and can be utilized for the creation and testing of many different products. 

The uses of the Mpanel software are two-fold; it allows our engineers to pre-test tensile structures to see tesnion effects to the items, and also allows for easy conversion of the 3D form to 2D pattern layouts to be used during the fabrication stage of production. Mpanel is a toolbar integrated into the AutoCAD software, expanding the base software’s capabilities.

Most of our fabrics are cut using the Eastman CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting table; the proprietary software EasiCut easily interprets AutoCAD files for use in plotting designs to be cut. EasiCut operators are trained in basic file manipulation and cutting procedures to make sure that the cutting process is as precise as possible.

Through the use of these and other tools, our team of engineers has the ability to aid you in creating any product for any need.